Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 002 – Rešitve

8. March, 2011 dodal Niko

Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 002:


1. a) would not have bought

b) would not have won

c) will probably have

d) would go

e) will get

f) would not take

2. a) I would go to the beach

b) she would probably buy an apartment

c) I will not finish the school year

d) if she had known your address

e) if he had known about her affair

f) if you invited me to the cinema

g ) if she does not study harder

h) if he does not get that bank loan

i) if the actress had not felt ill before the show

j) if you lost your job?

k) what would he do?

l) we would celebrate

m) I would not have felt so bad

n) their grades would improve


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