Angleška slovnica – Passive voice 001- Rešitve

6. July, 2011 dodal Niko

Mixed Exercise on Passive Voice – Rešitve

Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.

  1. John collects money. – Money is collected by John.
  2. Anna opened the window. – The window was opened by Anna.
  3. We have done our homework. – Our homework has been done by us.
  4. I will ask a question. – A question will be asked by me.
  5. He can cut out the picture. – The picture can be cut out by him.
  6. The sheep ate a lot. – A lot was eaten by the sheep.
  7. We do not clean our rooms. – Our rooms are not cleaned by us.
  8. William will not repair the car. – The car will not be repaired by William.
  9. Did Sue draw this circle? – Was this circle drawn by Sue?
  10. Could you feed the dog? – Could the dog be fed by you?

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