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Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 002 – Rešitve

March 8th, 2011

Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 002:


1. a) would not have bought

b) would not have won

c) will probably have

d) would go

e) will get

f) would not take

2. a) I would go to the beach

b) she would probably buy an apartment

c) I will not finish the school year

d) if she had known your address

e) if he had known about her affair

f) if you invited me to the cinema

g ) if she does not study harder

h) if he does not get that bank loan

i) if the actress had not felt ill before the show

j) if you lost your job?

k) what would he do?

l) we would celebrate

m) I would not have felt so bad

n) their grades would improve

Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 002

March 2nd, 2011

1. Complete the sentences using a conditional:

a) If the skirt hadn’t been so cheap, I
(not/buy) it.

b) If you hadn’t chosen the fairy fancy dress, you
(not/win) the first prize.

c) If you listen to your earphones too loudly, you
(probably/have) hearing problems when you get older.

d) If I were you, I
(go) to the disco with my friends.

e) If you pay a bit more for your hotel room, you
(get) one with a good view.

f) If my car broke down again, I
(not/take) it to that garage. They are not serious.

2. Choose the correct ending for the conditional sentences:

a) If I were you,

b) If Jane was rich,

c) If I fail my exams,

d) She would have sent you a Christmas card,

e) Dave would have broken up with Claire

f) I would see that film with you

g) Annie will never pass her exams

h) Albert won’t buy a new car

i) The theatre play would have been a great success

j) What would you do

k) If your brother found a briefcase full of money in the street,

l) If we won the first prize in the competition,

m) If I had told my parents the truth,

n) If the students pay more attention in class,

Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 001 – Rešitve

July 14th, 2010

Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 001 – Rešitve:



would be

don’t tell

would you keep



had known

had had

Angleška slovnica – If Clauses 001

July 7th, 2010


Choose the correct answer:

1. In the USA pupils have the chance to repeat a course if they _______ it.
fail,  would fail

2. I would make up a lie if I _______ that would help me out.
thought,  would think

3. If I had to make a speech I _______ pretty nervous.
was,  would be

4. I will be really disappointed if you _______ me the truth.
don’t tell,  will not tell

5. If I told you a secret, _____ you _____ quiet about it?
do you keep,  would you keep

6. I will invite you all for a drink if I _______ this exam.
would pass,  pass

7. I would start all over if I _______.
could,  will be able to

8. I wouldn’t have prepared a stuffed turkey if I _______ you are a vegetarian.
would know,   had known

9. In our family, if someone needs help, we _______ there for one another.
are,  will be

10. If you _______ the money, would you have lent it to me?
had had,  had