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Angleška slovnica – Present Perfect or Past Simple

August 18th, 2013

Present Perfect or Past Simple Test

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. When ________________ the school?
have you joined
did you joined
did you join
have you ever joined

2. ___________________ in England?
Did you ever worked
Have you ever worked
Worked you
Didn’t you have worked

3. That’s the best speech ______________
I never heard
I didn’t hear
I used to hear
I’ve ever heard

4. He’s the most difficult housemate _____________________
I never dealt with.
I never had to deal with.
I’ve ever had to deal with.
I’ve never had to deal with.

5. ___________________ to him last week.
I spoke
I’ve already spoken
I didn’t spoke
I speaked

6. ______________ a contract last year and it is still valid.
We have signed
We signed
We haven’t signed
We have sign

7. _______________ from a business trip to France.
I come back
I came back
I never came back
I’ve just come back

8. Prices ________ in 1995 but then _____ in 1996.
rised falled
rose fell
have risen have fallen
rose have fallen

9. You ____________ to a word ____________
listened I haven’t said
didn’t listen I say
listened saying
haven’t listened I’ve said

10. I can’t believe that ________________ the news.
you haven’t read
you didn’t read
you don’t read
you read not

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple – Past Progressive 3 Exercises

April 30th, 2013

Simple Past or Past Progressive
Exercise 1

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).
1. A: »What ____________________(do / you) yesterday at 8 pm?«
2. B: »I __________________(sit) in the pub with Sam. Why?«
3. A: »I __________________(drive) to the sports centre at that time to play squash with a few friends. As we _____(be) only three players, I ________(try) to ring you to ask if you would like to come as well. But I ___________________(reach / not) you at home.«
4. B: »Why ___________________(ring / not / you) my mobile?«
5. A: »I actually __________(want) to ring your mobile, but by accident I __________(dial) William’s number. He _____________(do / not) anything special at that moment and really _______________(like) the idea of playing squash with us.«
Simple Past or Past Progressive
Exercise 2

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).
1. When I ______________(get) up yesterday, the sun __________________(shine) .
2. It ___________________(is) a beautiful morning.
3. So I _______________(decide) to cycle around a little.
4. I ________________-(go) to the shed and ____________(take) out my bike.
5. While I _________(cycle) past some villages, I _______________(see) some people in their gardens.
6. One man ____________-(mow) the grass while his wife ________________-(pick) strawberries.
7. After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly ________________-(appear) and it ____________(start) to rain.
8. Luckily, a farmer ___________(notice) me and _____________(tell) me to come in.
9. While it ____________(rain) outside, I _________________(sit) in the farmer’s house.
10. After a while, the sun _________(come) out again.
11. I __________(thank) the farmer for his hospitality and ___________________(move) on.
Exercise 3
Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).

1. We __________(wait) for Jane, when suddenly Louis __________________(come) around the corner.
2. I ______________(cycle) through the park, when I ______________(hear) a strange noise.
3. He ____________(pass) her a message when the teacher _________(look / not) .
4. I __________________(fall) asleep while I________________ (watch) TV last night.
5. When Mike and Jane ______________________(paint) the walls, their dog ________________(knock) over the paint pot.
6. Tom______________________ (break) his leg when he ____________(play) frisbee.
7. The phone ___________(ring) when I _______________(sit) on the toilet.

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 009

December 14th, 2012


Exercise on questions

Write questions in simple past.

  1. Anna / the window / open
  2. she / home / walk
  3. you / in the garden / work
  4. you / a song / sing
  5. she / on a chair / sit
  6. you / the castle / visit
  7. Jenny / the door / lock
  8. she / happy / be
  9. Greg / the ball / kick
  10. the car / at the corner / stop

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 008

November 25th, 2012

PAST SIMPLE: Fill in the boxes with the correct form of each verb.

Tom got up very early yesterday morning and _____1_____ a bath. Then he _____2_____ down to the kitchen and _____3_____ two pieces of toast and _____4_____ a glass of milk. Tom works in the local hospital and, yesterday he _____5_____ the house at about 8 o’clock.

He _____6_____ the number ten bus and he _____7_____ at work at 8.30. He _____8_____ ‘good morning’ to his secretary, Maura, and then he _____9_____ all the letters that were on his table. Then he ____10______ Maura for a cup of coffee and he _____11_____ four very important letters.

At one o’clock, Tom _____12_____ for lunch in a café and _____13_____ his newspaper. He _____14_____ to the office at two o’clock and _____15_____ at six. He _____16_____ the bus because a friend ____17______ him in the car.

In the evening, he _____18_____ in the local swimming pool and _____19_____ shopping in the local supermarket where he _____20_____ a lot of food. He _____21_____ very tired in the evening so he _____22_____ television. He _____23_____ to bed at 11 o’clock and he _____24_____ about winning the lottery.


return – go – have – dream – leave – have – arrive – say – take – ask – read – go – read – go – buy – not – take – read – take – swim – leave – be – watch – go – drink

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 007

October 16th, 2012

PAST SIMPLE: Put the verbs in Past Tense.

Yesterday Tom
(get) up at 7 o’clock. He
(have) a shower and
(put) on some clean clothes. Then he
(have) breakfast. At half past seven he
(go) into the bathroom,
(brush) his teeth and
(comb) his hair. After that he
(put) on his shoes and
(leave) his home to go to school. He
(take) the bus which
(have) a stop in front of his home. He
(get) on this bus at a quarter to eight. He
(get) off the bus in front of the school and
(enter) his classroom just in time. He
(listen) to various teachers from 8 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. Then he
(hurry) home because he
(be) very hungry. He
(eat) lunch and
(do) his homework. Later on he
(watch) TV. In the evening he
(have) dinner with his parents. After that he
(meet) some friends in the city. When he
(come) home, he
(wash) his face and
(brush) his teeth before he
(put) on his pyjamas. Finally, he
(enjoy) listening to his favourite music or watching TV in bed late at night until he
(fall) asleep.

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 006 / nepravilni glagoli – Rešitve

October 20th, 2011

PAST SIMPLE 006: Irregular verbs/nepravilni glagoli: Rešitve:



1. feed fed fed

2. sing sang sung

3. take took taken

4. swim swam swum

5. throw threw thrown

6. write wrote written

7. begin began begun

8. sleep slept slept

9. mean meant meant

10. fight fought fought

11. stick stuck stuck

12. light lit lit

13. teach taught taught

14. wake woke woken

15. speak spoke spoken



  1. wear wore worn
  2. eat ate eaten
  3. hear heard heard
  4. cost cost cost
  5. fall fell fallen
  6. hit hit hit
  7. keep kept kept
  8. feel felt felt
  9. meet met met
  10. understand understood understood
  11. ride rode ridden
  12. put put put
  13. send sent sent
  14. shake shook shaken
  15. win won won