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Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 009

December 14th, 2012


Exercise on questions

Write questions in simple past.

  1. Anna / the window / open
  2. she / home / walk
  3. you / in the garden / work
  4. you / a song / sing
  5. she / on a chair / sit
  6. you / the castle / visit
  7. Jenny / the door / lock
  8. she / happy / be
  9. Greg / the ball / kick
  10. the car / at the corner / stop

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 007

October 16th, 2012

PAST SIMPLE: Put the verbs in Past Tense.

Yesterday Tom
(get) up at 7 o’clock. He
(have) a shower and
(put) on some clean clothes. Then he
(have) breakfast. At half past seven he
(go) into the bathroom,
(brush) his teeth and
(comb) his hair. After that he
(put) on his shoes and
(leave) his home to go to school. He
(take) the bus which
(have) a stop in front of his home. He
(get) on this bus at a quarter to eight. He
(get) off the bus in front of the school and
(enter) his classroom just in time. He
(listen) to various teachers from 8 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. Then he
(hurry) home because he
(be) very hungry. He
(eat) lunch and
(do) his homework. Later on he
(watch) TV. In the evening he
(have) dinner with his parents. After that he
(meet) some friends in the city. When he
(come) home, he
(wash) his face and
(brush) his teeth before he
(put) on his pyjamas. Finally, he
(enjoy) listening to his favourite music or watching TV in bed late at night until he
(fall) asleep.

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 006 / nepravilni glagoli – Rešitve

October 20th, 2011

PAST SIMPLE 006: Irregular verbs/nepravilni glagoli: Rešitve:



1. feed fed fed

2. sing sang sung

3. take took taken

4. swim swam swum

5. throw threw thrown

6. write wrote written

7. begin began begun

8. sleep slept slept

9. mean meant meant

10. fight fought fought

11. stick stuck stuck

12. light lit lit

13. teach taught taught

14. wake woke woken

15. speak spoke spoken



  1. wear wore worn
  2. eat ate eaten
  3. hear heard heard
  4. cost cost cost
  5. fall fell fallen
  6. hit hit hit
  7. keep kept kept
  8. feel felt felt
  9. meet met met
  10. understand understood understood
  11. ride rode ridden
  12. put put put
  13. send sent sent
  14. shake shook shaken
  15. win won won



Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 006 / nepravilni glagoli

October 13th, 2011

PAST SIMPLE: Irregular verbs/nepravilni glagoli:

a) Put in the missing forms of the verbs.
Vstavi manjkajoče oblike nepravilnih glagolov: nedoločnik, past simple oblika, past participle oblika
Example: ____ – kept – ____

Answer: keep – kept – kept

-fed –
2)- -sung
3)take -
-swam –
5)throw -
7)-began -
8)sleep -
10)-fought -
11)stick -
13)teach -
15)-spoke -

b)  Put in the missing forms of the verbs.
Example: ______ – taught – _______
Answer: teach – taught – taught

1)wear -
3)hear -
-cost –
5)fall -
7)keep -
-felt - 

9)meet -
-understood –
11) ride -
-put –
14)shake -
-won –

Angleška slovnica – Present simple 005 – rešitve

April 19th, 2011


A. Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

wakes up, gets up, has, gets, dressed,has, leaves, goes, starts, finishes, goes, meets, go,  cooks, does, watches, reads

B. Write negative sentences.

1. My sister does not live in Paris.

2. Our parents do not have lunch at home.

3. I do not drink orange juice…

4. Marek does not travel by bus…

5. There are not any posters on the wall.

6. I have not got any new CD’s.

C. Ask questions for the following answers.

1. How do you go to school?

2. Where do they live?

3. How many times does she go to the cinema?

4. When does Tom leave?

5. What do they usually have for breakfast?

Angleška slovnica – Present simple 005

April 12th, 2011


A. Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Jane usually

(wake up) at 7 a.m. and she

(get up)
five minutes later.

First, she

(have) a shower, then she

(get dressed) and at about 7.45 a.m. she

(have) breakfast in the kitchen.


(leave) home at eight fifteen and

(go) to work by train.


(start) working at 9 o’clock and

(finish) at 5 p.m..

After work she often

(go) swimming or jogging.

She sometimes

(meet) her friend Diana and they

(go) shopping together.

In the evening, Jane

(cook) her own dinner,

(do) the dishes and

(watch) TV or

(read) a book.

B. Write negative sentences.

1. My sister lives in Paris.

2. Our parents have lunch at home.

3. I drink orange juice or tea for breakfast.

4. Marek travels by bus at the weekend.

5. There are some posters on the wall.

6. I’ve got some new CDs.


C. Ask questions for the following answers.


I go to school on foot.

They live in Coimbra.

She goes to the cinema twice a month.

My house has got five bedrooms.

Tom leaves next week.

They usually have some milk for breakfast.

Matura – Mešani časi 002 – Gap fill – It Was Midnight – Rešitve

November 2nd, 2010


1. I was reading

2. repeated

3. were sleeping

4. checked

5. was using

6. started

7. listened

8. found

9. would arrive

10. waited

11. had requested

12. had fallen

13. took

14.  did I put

15. was nursing

16. had preceded

17. had entered

18. had caused

Matura – Mešani časi 002 – Gap fill – It Was Midnight

October 27th, 2010


Insert the right tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect

It was almost midnight and 1._________( to read) a thriller. I wanted to go to bed, but I kept postponing doing  it. Just one more page, 2. I ___________(to repeat) to myself from time to time. My wife and my children3. _______________(to sleep) upstairs. I was also enjoying the sweet feeling of  freedom that I couldn’t enjoy in daytime.

Then suddenly there was a blackout. 4. I__________ (to check) if there was something wrong with the lamp 5.  I _________(to use) but that was not the problem. It was not a stormy night, nobody was using the electric oven or the washing machine or the hairdryer or the dishwasher. No, the whole house was still and silent.

Not being able to find a rational answer, and still sitting in the complete darkness, 6. I ________(to start)  feeling a bit scared. Maybe I was under the influence of the thriller, but wasn’t that a low grating at the door? Was somebody tampering with it?

7. I___________ (to listen) with  intense concentration. No, there was  no noise, it was only my imagination. So, what was the blackout due to, then?

Groping in the dark, 8. I ________(to find) a candle. After lighting it, I decided to call the electricity company. It was past midnight by now, but they were very kind: they said they 9.  _________ (to arrive) in an hour’s time. 10. I_________ (to wait)for them sitting on the sofa, unable to read any longer.

The company 11. ___________(to request)  my cell phone  number, because the  bell wouldn’t be working, and it was with a start that I woke up when the cell phone rang.  12.   I ___________(to fall) asleep . I had perhaps been sleeping only a few minutes  because I felt confused and dizzy.  13. It___________ (to take) me some time to remember the situation I was in. The phone kept ringing. I didn’t want to wake up my family so I  had to stop it as soon as possible. 14. But where ___________( to put) it? I got up in a frenzy and I stumbled against the small tool I keep next to the sofa. It was a terrible pain. I limped to the door, opened it and   let the electrician in. 15. I ________ (to nurse) my feet when he came back. The light 16. ________(to precede) his return and the house was again illuminated by the light of the lamp.

He explained that the culprit was an ant, or maybe more than one. 17. They_________ (to enter) the electricity meter and left formic acid on the chip. 18. That ___________(to cause)  the blackout.

When I got up the next morning my foot still hurt. My wife saw me limping and said  ironically: “Have you challenged a monster in your dream?”

“Well, not a monster,” I answered , “only an ant.”

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 005 – Rešitve

October 26th, 2010

IRREGULAR VERBS – Past Simple 005 – rešitve

1. bought, did not buy

2. saw

3. did not see

4. burnt

5. saw

6. met

7. lent

8.paid, left

9. woke me up

10. won

11. knew, said

12. sold, did not sell

13. drank, was

14. did not drink

15. drank

16. drank

17. won

18. ate, had

19. wore

20. broke up

21. bit

22. rang

23. did not take , took

24. taught

Angleška slovnica – Past Simple 005

October 20th, 2010

IRREGULAR VERBS – Past Simple 005

Provide the correct tense of the verb in brackets.(SIMPLE PAST)

1.-I__________(buy)some fruit but I___________(not buy) any bread.

2.-I __________(see) nothing.

3.-I  ________________(not see) anything.

4.-Someone__________(burn) the forest.

5.-Someone__________________(see) you there last night.

6.-I think we ______________(meet) before, you look familiar to me.

7.-She_______________(lend) me a dress for the wedding.

8.-Peter_____________(pay) the bill and_______________(leave) immediately.

9.-The noise_______________(wake me up).

10.-He______________(win) 2,000 euros in the lottery.

11.-He  always____________(know) the truth but he never______________(say) anything.

12.-They_____________(sell) the cottage  last month but they ________________(not sell) the flat.

13.-I________________(drink) too much coffee so I________________(be) very nervous.

14.-I_______________(not drink) any coffee,I don´t know why I was so nervous.

15.-I  ________________(drink) no coffee I don´t know why I was so nervous.

16.-The baby  _______________(drink) his milk.

17.-The team  never____________________(win) a match , however they played very well

18.-They   ________________(eat) some food in bad condition so they________________(have )to go to the hospital.

19.-I __________________(wear) this dress  twice last week.

20.-They_______________(break) up, that´s why Jack is so depressed.

21.-He almost died because a snake_____________(bite) him.

22.-They_____________(ring) yesterday morning.

23.-I___________________(not take ) the bus,I_____________(take) a taxi.

24.-She  ___________(teach ) here  three years ago.